All the things on this site were put together by John Elliott and Tim Wiseman as our small contribution to the information security / cyber security field. We hope that you find them useful.


Tim worked in ‘cyber’ for a UK bank but is better known as the author of the infamous role-playing book The Tatters of The King, an offering in the Cthulhu Mythos. He’s also a games master of some note famed for his roleplaying sessions – and roleplaying is having a bit of a moment again …

John is a data protection specialist and works in both information security and data protection domains. He’s currently the head of information security for a large airline and has traditionally worked as a consultant and interim manager. He also writes training courses for Pluralsight. He’s not famous for anything and has not written any books, although he blogs occasionally.


Someone once asked John how someone can learn to run cyber security exercises, which led to a fruitless search of the internet that drew a blank. There really isn’t much available to help people learn how to run a tactical silver or strategic/gold cyber security exercise. So we thought we’d create some resources to help rectify that.

Some questions answered

Can I use the material in my own organisation?

Yes. It’s free to use and Creative Commons licensed for all uses, you don’t need to do anything else other than download the scenarios and the slides.

Can I use the material and charge organisation for facilitating exercises?

Yes. The Creative Commons license is the most permissive, but we’d appreciate an acknowledgement. If you think the material was of commercial value then donate some money to a charity, the EFF, or the Open Rights Group.

My legal team says we need a contract to use the material

Point them to the creative commons license. That’s all you need.

Can you teach us how to do this?

Yes – Tim is available to teach you how to run incidents.

Can you come to our organisation and facilitate an exercise?

Of course. Please use the contact form here and we’ll come right back to you.

This thing happened to us – it would make a great scenario

Brilliant – we want to collect as many realistic scenarios as possible. If you can write it up as a timeline with the things that happened, what you knew when and the decisions that were needed then we’ll work with you to make it generic (and anonymous) and add it to the site.